Building the USB-Mouse adapter

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It’s been a long time since last post… Here are some photos of the latest adapter revision.

From components to finished product :

Bare PCB (JLCPCB) – CH554 chips (LCSC)
SMD components soldered (oven)
Hand soldered : USB, D-SUB9, Dip switch
Firmware Programming “WCHISPStudio”
Test Rig : individual test (AMR920 wireless mouse)


  1. Hi there

    I have installed the Win version WCHISTOOL, but I can’t find the firmware ‘BIN’ file in your GitHub file. I have read something about Python and Linux, but it’s all above my head. Also, will it work with the Amiga? As I remember the Amiga and Atari having one the mouse buttons wired up differently.

    Great project btw

    1. Also, Atari/Amiga have same pinout for buttons. Only quadrature signals are different, but the firmware allows switching mode via the p3.1 pin (floating->atari, grounded->amiga).

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