3 (or 4 or 5)-chips Z80 SBC

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I have started working on a Z80 board that would use only 3 parts (Z80, RAM, Glue logic+SIO).

The Glue is done via a PSoC4 from a Cypress CY8CKIT-049-42xx (<5 euros…) – Currently the Flash chip is not used, and only 64KB from the RAM (128K) is used. Z80 is clocked at 9.6Mhz.

There is provision for RAM & ROM bank switching in the future (or not… maybe it would be better to replace the flash by an sdcard)

It has started working… If you count the serial-to-usb chip on the CY8CKIT, that’s a 4 chips Z80 board – if you count the CY8CKIT as one chip, it is a 3 chips board…


With Z80’s reset line low, via a bootloader, Grant Searle’s Basic is sent from the PSoC4 memory to the RAM and the Z80’s reset is set to high.

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