Hack a USB Reader/adapter to use Cheap SDCard DIY Connector

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Or how-to add a SIL support to a USB Reader/adapter for breadboard modified SDCards :

I really like the idea that I found somewhere (found it back here) of using a single pin header to connect MMC/SdCard to breadboards

Then using it on a breadboard is easy and convenient


But it is no more usable on the USB card reader/adapter … Unless you are hacking the adapter too !

Here is my adapter before modification

I simply soldered a female header in the adapter itself


Just a hole to add on the enclosure and you can program the modified SDCard

(Well, you need something to make the adapter thinks there is something inserted in the SDCard connector : I used a piece of cardboard/carton that I cut to the approximative shape )


And yes, the adaptor is still working ok.

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