From prototype to final version : a ‘SmallyMouse’-like adapter with CH554

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I made a first prototype with a STM32F411 that I had in stock, and it happened to work fairly well and was quick to test thanks to the STM32 framework.

Then I also ordered some CH554 boards, and evaluated the possibility to use them for a USB mouse to Atari adapter. See on the picture the poor Electrodragon’s board with its female USB on top of the original male one, and the Subd-9 connector on the side…

Left to right : first proto on STM32F411, CH554, modified CH554, then final adapter

I then quickly drawn a PCB around the CH554G , easier to solder and still small enough to fit under the USB plug. It all fits perfectly under the Atari Falcon keyboard :

The adapter connected to the Atari keyboad – the USB is shifted to fit in the plastic enclosure.

Source Code : add to examples folder in ch554_sdcc (

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