PSoC5 and z80 – v3 + v4

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New PCB arrived (corrections+added LED), not tried to solder components yet (I don’t have spare parts…)

Version 3
Gerber View V4
Version 4 delivered





And I have continued debugging the software with many different ROMs (Grant Searle, RC2014 ACIA, RC2014 SIO/2, my own CPM3 attempts, S100, ZX81!!!…) on the previous V3 board.

Always the same concept, Z80+RAM with PSoC5 as a glue that emulates UART, CompactFlash, decodes address, [PS2 input, VGA ouput]…

Collection of snapshots :

  • ‘Grant’ Mode (ACIA, CF) – CPM2.2 ok

  • RC2014 ACIA – Basic 56k only

  • RC2014 SIO – ROM 24886009 (‘2’ not working ???)

  • CPM3 test – bad

  • S100 – CF – CPM3 working

  • ZX81

For ZX81, it is really preliminary work, not working yet. It basically acts as a logic analyzer that is triggered after a few IOs have been received, then it simply outputs ‘VCD’ like data on the console that I display using GTKWAVE.

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