Falcon 030, back to live

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My old Falcon 030 is back to live : I have updated its TOS to v4.04 (was 4.01), and added a 68882 coprocessor. Also needed to make a VGA cable. The harddisk was not detected, but I will come to that later. But… I was finally able to find some of my old ASM sources (Rubik Cube animation in full 68000…) and C sources (GemThor).

Falcon 030

I have also made a quick and dirty 16MB extension from a DIMM module… Hot glue to keep all wires in place.

New RAM (top), old 4Mb module (bottom)

The harddisk was not responding , so I had to open it, and move the head manually : it was blocking in one position – using a plastic stick to unblock it was necessary at each power-on cycle. Luckily it only took a few minutes with an IDE-to-SATA adapter to create an image under Linux, and the harddisk was quickly replaced by a compact flash…

Old harddisk – head arm stuck / IDE-SATA adapter

Then, I found that the original Atari mouse would better be replaced by a basic optical one, and I wanted to reuse a wired USB one (Dell). I found many adapters for PS/2 to Atari, and only came to know about the USB2DB9 and USB2Atari on GitHub – I had already started a prototype using a STM32F411 Blackpill board :

USB Mouse to Atari adapter – Blackpill F411 + USB female + DB9 cable

I also ordered some CH554 boards in the meantime, and currently trying to have something equivalent built around this small 8051 microcontroller that has USB Host capability.

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